The magic of traveling: Follow the locals
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The magic of traveling: Follow the locals. Our first book introduces impressive people from all over the world to the reader. It will transport you to (un)usual places seen through the prism of locals’ life. It will show you their adventure … Read More

Strumica, beyond the carnival glory
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Many people are attracted to visit the Strumica Carnival every year before the beginning of the spring. A mask and costume parade with thousands of modern and traditional masks is the event of the year. Strumica is called the Macedonian … Read More

The tasty lemonade of an improvised Balkan road trip
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We were still mad about that travel agency announcing their bankrupt three days before our charter flight to the romantic couple’s capital of Santorini, Greece. There was no time for being furious though. We had some official holidays coming and … Read More

Baltic road trip itinerary – a charming journey through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
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If someone told you there is nothing special about the Baltics – they must have lied to you very badly or never visited this magical land! Baltics are so special and welcoming that after our visit there all we can … Read More

Camino de Santiago – Thinking on the road
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When all you do is walk all day long and all you plan to do is walking some more tomorrow it is easy for the mind to wander off. When you walk Camino de Santiago you quickly fall into this … Read More

Book review: To Magic Places
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To Magic Places by Boris Kanev and Marta Martinez Samalea   As people devoted to search for the magic of traveling everywhere and any time it is totally understandable why it didn’t take us long before we bought the Roving Snails book … Read More

Explore the best Chalkidiki beaches
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Choose a beach from the Chalkidiki gallery and let’s jump in the water or lie in the sun or have a frappe together! Sithonia and Cassandra welcome you to their best beaches! γειά σου! Photos of our favorite Chalkidiki beaches are … Read More

5 of our favorite travel movies
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We have a confession to make – we are movieholics! We find films and series very nice things to do when you are at home or when you travel, for some relaxing time. So we want to present you 5 … Read More

How to enjoy China
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China will remain to me a place shrouded in illusions, stereotypes and smog. The stereotypes about a country of such size and great population must contain a grain of truth, even if it’s true only about a small sample of … Read More

11 ways London might surprise you as a first-time visitor
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  Affordable airfare, New Year’s holidays, cosmopolitan atmosphere…Where are? Right, this is London, the capital of England! And some things that surprised us…   Mind the gap! And the construction works… The London tube might be a point of interest itself … Read More

5 of our favorite travel books
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Where do we get travel inspiration from? How do we choose the next destination? Can a book inspire us to visit a place? YES! That’s the reason why we have put together a list of 5 of our favorite travel … Read More

The Magic of Jurmala, Latvia
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The purpose of “Тhe magic of” articles is to help you fall in love with a place, person or experience using one(or three) of our photos and few words. Jurmala is not the resort where only rich people build their mansions … Read More

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